Precision Automatic Drilling Machine

Highly Efficient ; Precision ; Stable and Noiseless !

KSA-131 Air / Hydraulic Fully Automatic Drilling Machine

KSA-191 Air / Hydraulic Fully Automatic Drilling Machine

Precision Automatic Drilling Machine
unit : mm
  MODEL KSA-131 KSA-191
A Diameter of quill Ø50 Ø80
B Spindle taper JT 6# MT 2#
C Spindle step 4 4
D Spindle travel 100 110
E Spindle to column 185 232
F Spindle to table - -
G Spindle to base 350 460
H Drilling capacity Ø1-Ø13 Ø4-Ø19
J Cover sizes 530x130x80 720x260x105
K Column diameter Ø52 Ø95
L Table diameter 260x260 340x340
M Base sizes 415x300 580x425
N Speed 50Hz 510-2280 375-1670
  Speed 60Hz 510-2740 450-2000
O Motor 1HP-4P 1HP-4P
P Machine sizes 640x350x985 795x425x1025
Q Machine weight 130kg 198kg

Hexangular collets and chucks and other accessories are not included for the above machine products / King Sang Machines.