Precision Electronic Tapping and Drilling Machine

Highly Efficient ; Precision ; Stable and Noiseless !

KST-340 5/8" Electronic Drilling Tapping Machine

KST-560 1" Electronic Drilling Tapping Machine

KST-670 1-1/4" Electronic Drilling Tapping Machine

KST-340 5/8" / KST-560 1" / KST-670 1-1/48" Electronic Drilling Tapping Machine


The clutch controlled tapping machine is suitable for small lot and thin sheet metal. For mass production, the electronic tapping machine is suggested for effortless and fast tapping operations.

unit : mm
  MODEL KST-340 KST-560 KST-670
A Diameter of quill Ø65 Ø80 Ø95
B Spindle taper MT2# MT3# MT3# (MT4 #)
C Spindle step 9 9 9
D Spindle travel 85 115 140
E Spindle to column 175 214 230
F Spindle to table 430 660 630
G Spindle to base 610 950 930
H Drilling capacity Ø3-Ø16 Ø6-Ø30 Ø8-Ø32
I Tapping cap. Steel Ø5-Ø10 Ø8-Ø16 Ø8-Ø19
  Tapping cap. Cast iron Ø5-Ø13 Ø8-Ø19 Ø8-Ø21
J Cover sizes 608x214x110 727x255x137 725x262x157
K Column diameter Ø80 Ø92 Ø102
L Table diameter Ø320 Ø380 Ø420
M Base sizes 500x300 615x385 615x385
N Speed 50Hz 170-2300 110-1450 120-1500
  Speed 60Hz 200-2700 130-1700 150-1700
O Motor 1/2;1(HP) 1(HP) 2(HP)
P Machine sizes 680x320x1085 780x380x1510 840x420x1545
Q Machine weight 100kg 157kg 205kg

Hexangular collets and chucks and other accessories are not included for the above machine products / King Sang Machines.

Electronic Drilling Tapping Machine Parts Drawing
Electronic Drilling Tapping Machine Parts Drawing