Precision Gear type Automatic Tapping Machine

【Gear Type Fully Automatic Tapping Machine】

Highly Efficient ; Precision ; Stabile and Noiseless !

選配:齒輪式全自動攻牙機腳架附循環系統 。
KST-203A Fully Automatic Tapping Machine
KST-223A Fully Automatic Tapping Machine
KST-231A Fully Automatic Tapping Machine
○ Fully automatic tapping and retracting. The workpiece won't lift, which does not require special hold-down to simplify jig.
○ Suitable for tapping soft and hard materials.
○ The gear type fully automatic tapping machine is especially ideal for workpiece needs to be inspected by thread gauge.
○ Available to equip with coolant tank stand for splashing coolant, that increases the service life of tap.
○ Tool box 1 set.
○ Thread pitch gear 1 set.
○ Tap collet 1 PC.
○ Foot switch.
○ Cross and flat head screw each.
○ Hex. wrench 1 set.
○ Open end wrench 1 set.
○ Big and small open end each.
○ Catalog and operation copy each.
○ 10 mm screw, nut and T block...Two each.
unit : mm
  MODEL KST-203A KST-223A KST-231A
A Diameter of quill Ø42 Ø70 Ø85
B Spindle taper JT 2# MT 2# MT 3#
C Swing 330 430 460
D Spindle travel 45 65 65
E Spindle to column 184 237 252
F Spindle to table 350 470 600
G Thread pitch (Thread numbers) Upon request Upon request Upon request
H Tapping capacity Ø1-Ø8 Ø3-Ø16 Ø5-Ø32
K Column diameter Ø52 Ø85 Ø95
L Table size 230x225 340x340 380x340
M Base sizes 415x300 580x425 600x480
N Speed 50Hz 620-980-1400 155-285-515 50-100-200
  Speed 60Hz 740-1160-1670 190-340-620 60-120-240
O Motor 1/2 HP-3 phase 4P 1 HP-3 phase 6P 2 HP-3 phase 6P
P Machine sizes 615x330x755 825x425x1040 825x480x1200
Q Machine weight 97kg 200kg 250kg
  Coolant sizes (Optional) 500x590x630 630x720x630 630x750x670
Hexangular collets and chucks and other accessories are not included for the above assorted multi-spindle head / King Sang machines.