Horizontal Gear Type Automatic Tapping Machine

Highly Efficient ; Precision ; Stable and Noiseless !

KST-204A Horizontal Fully Automatic Tapping Machine

KST-224A Horizontal Fully Automatic Tapping Machine

KST-232A Horizontal Fully Automatic Tapping Machine

KST-204A / KST-224A / KST-232A Horizontal Fully Automatic Tapping Machine

Easy to change the thread-pitch gear and easy to operate as well. The gear-drive thread pitch reduces wear to a minimum.

Equipped with safety stop device for upgrading operational safety.

unit : mm
Diameter of quill Ø42 Ø70 Ø85
Spindle taper JT 2# MT 2# MT 3#
Max. spindle stroke 45 65 65
Height of center 165 220 235
Tapping capacity Ø1-Ø8 Ø3-Ø16 Ø8-Ø32
Table size 130x175x4-Ø9 144x220x4-Ø14 175x235x4-Ø16
Foundation area 165x205 180x260 215x282
Motor 1/2 HP 4P 3 phase 1 HP 6P 3 phase 2 HP 6P 3 phase
Speed 50Hz 620-980-1400 155-285-515 50-100-200
Speed 60Hz 740-1160-1670 190-340-620 60-120-240
Thread pitch (Thread numbers) Upon request Upon request Upon request
Max. number of spindles of the multiple spindle head Ø3x10 Spindles
Ø4x8 Spindles
Ø6x2 Spindles
Ø6x9 Spindles
Ø8x4 Spindles
Ø12x2 Spindles
Ø10x10 Spindles
Ø16x4 Spindles
Ø20x2 Spindles
Machine sizes 439x310x420 460x370x530 530x390x585
Machine weight 50kg 103kg 125kg

Hexangular collets and chucks and other accessories are not included for the above machine products / King Sang Machines.