Variable-Step Drilling / Tapping Machine

【Variable-Step Drilling / Tapping Machine】

Highly Efficient ; Precision ; Stabile and Noiseless !

Variable-Step Drilling Tapping Machine
KST-340HL 5/8"
Electronic Drilling And Tapping Machine With 1" Increased Base
KSD-13LB 1/2"
Lower Part
Increased BY 1"
unit : mm
Diameter of quill Ø65
Spindle taper MT 4#
Spindle travel 190
Spindle to column 350
Spindle to table 780
Drilling capacity Ø50
Tapping capacity Ø30
Column diameter Ø160
Table sizes 720x510
Base sizes 970x510
Speed 50Hz 100-1000
Speed 60Hz 120-1200
Motor 5 HP
Machine sizes 1100x860x2160
Machine weight 650kg
Hexangular collets and chucks and other accessories are not included for the above assorted multi-spindle head / King Sang machines.