Precision Clutch type Tapping Machine

Highly Efficient ; Precision ; Stable and Noiseless !

KST-10 3/8" Clutch Type Tapping Machine

KST-13 1/2" Clutch Type Tapping Machine

KST-10 3/8" / KST-13 1/2" Clutch Type Tapping Machine


The clutch controlled tapping machine is suitable for small lot and thin sheet metal. For mass production, the electronic tapping machine is suggested for effortless and fast tapping operations.

unit : mm
A Diameter of quill Ø15 Ø52
B Spindle taper JT2# (3/8) JT6# (1/2)
C Spindle step 2 3
D Spindle travel 30 45
E Spindle to column 126 175
F Spindle to table 260 460
G Spindle to base 440 640
H Drilling capacity - -
I Tapping cap. Steel Ø2-Ø6 Ø5-Ø10
  Tapping cap. Cast iron Ø2-Ø10 Ø5-Ø13
J Cover sizes 360x150x226 530x215x255
K Column diameter Ø60 Ø73xØ80
L Table diameter Ø230 Ø320
M Base sizes 380x235 500x300
N Speed 50Hz 710-1120 260-720
  Speed 60Hz 850-1360 310-860
O Motor 1/2(HP) 1/2;1 (HP)
P Machine sizes 510x250x950 610x310x1170
Q Machine weight 60kg 110kg

Hexangular collets and chucks and other accessories are not included for the above machine products / King Sang Machines.

Tapping Machine Parts Drawing
Tapping Machine Parts Drawing